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Total Quality Management

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The aim of the course is to help students acquire knowledge about various quality endeavours, create an understanding about the area of Total Quality Management (TQM), and develop practical skills contributing to organization’s improvement initiatives. Furthermore, the course aims to establish insights about quality work as a part or organization’s development involving employee participation.





Fluency in English and knowledge about statistics as well as management of production and logistics is needed in order to meet the course requirements.





The course consists of lectures, laboratory (practice) classes and compulsary presentations. Topics like Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control / Improvement, Process Analysis, Organizational Development, and Systems Engineering are highlighted and discussed. In addition, a guest lecturer is invited to give an insight into how quality improvement initiatives are carried out in practice.



(Updated: October 8th, 2004)
You will need to define or construct a case by a Quality Function Deployment (QFD) for next October 15th, 2004.
Next topic includes analysis on Statistical Quality Control, therefore, for next class you must bring a calculator, paper sheets, ruler, different pen-colors, pencils, and erasers... we will develop several practices and exercises.
(Updated: October 15th, 2004)
For next class you will need to submit the following: 
1. A resume about the article "Using Data Analysis to Identify Six Sigma Sales Projects" by Prakash Roshan.
2. A resume about the article "Six Sigma and Employees" by Barbara Wheat.
3. Solve the 4 problems related to Statistical Quality Control, published at the Six Sigma (Part 2) Presentation.
(Updated: October 22nd, 2004)
Next Friday October 29th, 2004 we will take the First Period Evaluation, therefore I encourage you to prepare yourself and be ready to do your very best...
Just reminding... a significant part of the overall grade consist of a Final Project which is due next December 3rd, 2004. Please have a look at the Download Material Section and dive into the "Final Project Outline" in order to realize what you must hand in.
(Updated: November 5th, 2004)
For next class you must submit a "Team Report" about the results you obtained at the Efficiency Exercise developed at the Kaizen related lecture. Please go through Kaizen presentation for guidance as well as costs information.
(Updated: November 12th, 2004)
Next lecture we will discuss and analyze everything related to International Quality Awards, therefore I encourage you to prepare yourself as well as the related topic you have chosen to present.
(Updated: December 10th, 2004)
Today we have presented the Final Exam, thus we have completed our Total Quality course. I just want to thank you for all your attention and effort developed at my lecture. Hopefully you will be ready to apply, along your professional and personal life, all the concepts and ideas we generated at the expositions as well as on the quality exercises.


Cogs 5


The following scheme will be considered:


October 29th, 2004 (FIRST TERM EVALUATION) 


          (20%) Participation

          (20%) Homeworks & Hand-outs 

          (50%) Written First Term Examination

          (10%) Oral First Term Examination


December 10th, 2004 (SECOND TERM EVALUATION)


          (20%) Participation

          (20%) Homeworks & Hand-outs 

          (40%) Written Second Term Examination

          (20%) Final Project (to be submitted on December 3rd, 2004)




FINAL GRADE = First Term Evaluation (40%) + Second Term Evaluation (60%)